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With ‘Gotham‘ embracing the “No Man’s Land” title for the current season, we’ve seen the metropolis become just that! Penguin is running much of the city which Jeremiah has cut off from the rest of the world and things have gone to hell in a handbasket. However, Batman fans are aware that “No Man’s Land” is actually the title of an iconic story arc from the comics and executive producer John Stephens is sharing how close to the comic story they’ll be sticking to.

To say that the show has taken liberties with Batman’s rogue gallery is an understatement, so it is easy to imagine that the show will be straying pretty far from the comic. For those who are hoping it will be faithful, Stephens crushes those hopes right off the bat:

“We can’t be religious about it, because of the fact there are such obvious differences, you know? We definitely follow it in terms of the inspiration — like the city is completely divided up into little fiefdoms, the way it is in the book. Jim [Gordon] and the GCPD and the blue boys have their area they’re trying to expand little by little. Penguin still, as in the books, is the most powerful person in No Man’s Land. We’re fighting for beans and water and bullets the whole entire time. I would say some of the characters who come up in the course of No Man’s Land are also significant in the run.”

So some of the overall themes will be present, but because of when the story is taking place and who have been introduced so far, it can’t be exactly the same, which is fair. One of the key areas that some may wonder, though, is if Jim Gordon will suffer the same tragic fate which he did in the comics:

“Not in the specifics, but certainly in terms of we put him through the wringer emotionally. Absolutely. But not in terms of the specifics, no.”

As to young Master Wayne, there will also be a few strong calls to the comics:

“Bats. Yeah, we have bats this season. Bruce has his first real big encounter with a bunch of bats — a storm of bats. So yeah, we’ve been waiting for that. It was great. And, you know, we finally got to insert the end of the series, which is a big deal.”

In each episode, we’ll be getting one step closer to Bruce donning the Cape and Cowl, and I’m curious how much of Batman he’ll actually become before ‘Gotham’ comes to its bittersweet end.

Were you expecting ‘Gotham’ to stick closer too or stray further from the “No Man’s Land” story? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: CBR