Despite the fans’ best efforts, the hunt is almost over for Freeform’s ‘Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments’, the award-winning cult favorite series based on Cassandra Clare’s YA novel series about angels battling demons.  Freeform announced last June that it was shuttering the series due to the expense of producing it.  Fans attempted to convince another outlet to save the show, similar to the way Amazon rescued ‘The Expanse’ after Syfy axed it, and Netflix took on ‘Lucifer’ after FOX canceled it.  Unfortunately, no one bit.


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On the upside, Freeform is wrapping up the show’s storyline in a two-and-a-half-hour wrap-up (as opposed to letting it end on a cliffhanger like other shows), and that finale will condense and adapt the last book in Clare’s series, so the three seasons of ‘Shadowhunters’ will have adapted all of the existing the books.  Also, as a bonus, the finale is two-and-a-half hours long, when it was originally expected to only be two hours, so fans are getting 25% more than anticipated.

Freeform has announced that the finale event will air on Monday night, May 6 8 pm EST/7 pm Central.

Showrunner Todd Slavkin was happy to announce (via Entertainment Weekly):

“Freeform has gifted us additional time for the finale.  It’s actually longer than two traditional episodes, which is a real gift because we shot those scripts and it turned into such great material. The network was so awesome to say, ‘We’re going to air more of it, you don’t have to cut it down.’”

Slavkin and stars Katherine McNamara and Harry Shum Jr. have been chronicling the shooting of the finale on Twitter, but here is a collection of behind the scenes photos, courtesy of TV Line:

On one extremely positive note, among the efforts mounted by ‘Shadowhunters’ fans was collecting money for the charity The Trevor Project, which assists at-risk LGBTQ teens.  Freeform has announced that they will match the $25,000 that the fans raised.  $25,000?!  You go, ‘Shadowhunters’ fans!  With Freeform’s contribution, $50,000 will be going to The Trevor Project in the name of ‘Shadowhunters’!

Once again, the ‘Shadowhunters’ finale event will air on Monday night, May 6 8 pm EST/7 pm Central on Freeform.