What do you do when the world is in danger? Call “The Rock” of course! In this new ad for the “Got Milk?” campaign, Dwayne Johnson must battle the temptations that get in the way of obtaining that precious liquid essential to preventing the melt down of a child’s world – yes, folks, I’m talking about milk. And believe me, if you’ve been around kids, you know that no milk for cereal is a catastrophic event on its own!

The ad is a great wink to Johnson’s film roles where his characters tend to save the day and throws in several movie clichés in the process from the need to rescue cats in trees, foiling a bank robbery to protecting the city from invading aliens.

What makes the piece much more appreciable is the fact that it was directed by Peter Berg. Yes, the same Berg who directed the US box office bomb about aliens attacking the Earth in ‘Battleship.’ Apparently he thought Johnson would do a better job at saving the world than Taylor Kitsch in his film this time around.

The ad is fun and very tongue in cheek, something that makes you want to go get a glass of milk and toast to the TV spot. Check it out for yourself – if only to just get a look of Johnson in some very colorful pajama pants!

Source: Yahoo