stan lee

The bizarre Stan Lee saga has developed yet another strange twist, and we’re not talking Doctor Stephen Strange.  Following his lawsuit against former business partners at POW! Entertainment, Shane Duffy and Gill Champion, Lee has taken to social media to proclaim that someone has hijacked his Facebook and Instagram and is using them to impersonate him online.

Ironically, Lee’s plea for help came via Twitter.



Lee implored fans to help him keep a look out for fraudulent posts on his various social media accounts.


Fan reaction has ranged from humor to true concern.  Considering that the nature of Lee’s dilemma stems from social media, there have been some that have wondered if these cries for help even stem from the real Stan Lee or if this is another example of someone impersonating him.


Lee is now 95 years-old, and reportedly suffers from various ailments including macular degeneration.  He also suffered in a different way, losing his wife last year.  In January, Lee was accused of sexual misconduct with the young nurses that visited him to care for him in his home.  Lee denied the charges and stated that these women were attempting to blackmail him.  In February, Lee cancelled upcoming convention appearances due to pneumonia.

Despite these bizarre and controversial developments, Lee seems to remain in good spirits and has continued to film his famous cameos for various Marvel television and film projects, most recently as a bus driver in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

Hopefully, the saga of Stan Lee will be resolved soon and with minimal harm.