The Craft

‘The Craft’ is the latest ’90s property getting a modern remake, courtesy of horror hit-makers Blumhouse.  It was previously announced that this would be a modern sequel to the original movie, not a reboot, but that was a couple of years ago, so we’ll have to wait and see how this turns out.

Here is the announcement of this project, via Production Weekly:

Zoe Lister-Jones co-wrote the screenplay and is locked in to direct.  Lister-Jones wrote, directed and starred in her feature debut the comedy ‘Band Aid’.  Her co-writer Daniel Casey wrote last year’s ‘Kin’ and the upcoming ninth ‘Fast & Furious’ movie.  Jason Blum is producing with ‘The Divergent Saga’s Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher.  This reboot is scheduled to begin filming in July.

The original Columbia Pictures classic was directed by Andrew Fleming and starred Neve Campbell, hot off her starring roles on FOX’s ‘Party of Five’, and ‘Scream’, which was also released in 1996, plus Fairuza Balk, Rachel True, and Robin Tunney as a coven of REALLY Mean Girls who turn to the dark arts to get revenge on their popular high school tormenters.  It’s like ‘Heathers’ but occult!  The oh-so-’90s cast also included Campbell’s ‘Scream’ costar Skeet Ulrich, now known as FP Jones on ‘Riverdale’, ‘The Brady Bunch Movie’s Christine Taylor, and ‘Clueless” Breckin Meyer.

One superficial change from the original is the names of the characters.  Tunney’s Sarah is renamed Hannah.  Rather than Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle, her new cohorts will be named Tabby, Lourdes, and Frankie.  What other changes are made remains to be seen.

The original film amplified typical teen issues like social class, popularity, even race, and self-mutilation, but was written and directed by men, Peter Filardi and Fleming.  Positioning a female behind this remake will hopefully add new dimensions.  (To be fair, the original is NOT in any way exploitive, even though it was created by males.)

It should be interesting to see who gets cast in this.  Will it be another crop of buzz-worthy young stars?  Who would you cast in this new version of ‘The Craft’?

Check back for updates.