While it was pretty clear that I wasn’t too excited about a remake of ‘The Craft‘ happening when director and writer Leigh Janiak (‘Honeymoon,’ ‘Europa Report’) became attached, it looks like I wasn’t the only one! It seems that Fairuza Balk (‘American History X’,’Almost Famous’) who played Nancy Downs in the original version of ‘The Craft’ isn’t really keen on the idea either. This is actually pretty important because a modern day reboot could have really benefited from a cameo from one of the original witches and even with Neve Campbell as one of the other witches it was truly Balk that stole every scene in the film.

I mean who doesn’t love an evil witch that is willing to pretty much sacrifice everyone and everyone for her own game, am I right?

Fans on Twitter asked what she felt about the reboot happening and she was pretty spot on with how she responded:

I’m clearly in agreement on this one. With the glut of remakes and reboots that are happening I’m willing to mentally allow some to slide but for the vast majority this just feels like laziness on Hollywood’s end. I’m actually kind of happy to see an actor actually weigh in on a reboot that they were in as well as it is a subject usually not too often broached.

How do you feel about ‘The Craft’ being redone? Are you in agreement with Fairuza on this one or are you willing to give Sony Pictures and Leigh Janiak a chance?

Source: Fairuza Balk’s Twitter