The Craft‘ was a smash hit in 1996 when it was released on a $15 million budget and took home over $55 million at the box office alone so it should come as no surprise that Columbia Pictures wants to recapture that magic. Director Leigh Janiak oversaw a script for the new spin on the film though we’ve just learned it still needs some work and so Daniel Casey has been brought on board to make some changes. Casey was one of the co-writers to ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ which critics have mainly loved so while we’re unsure as to how this sequel to the original film looks and if it will lead to a new set of witches, at least it will be in good hands.

Whatever route is going though seems to have Columbia Pictures excited as Janiak’s pitch for the film was quite well received. It is also being stated as a sequel and not a reboot though likely a sequel that will introduce an entirely new set of witches.

At the very least Doug Wick who was a producer on the original film and Columbia Pictures executive Lucy Fisher are involved also sound like a good pairing.

While anyone around in the 90s is likely extremely familiar with this cult classic that was a well-acted tale of female empowerment, the story had three outsiders who practiced witchcraft talk to a new student into becoming the fourth for their coven of witches. They make a deal that gives them extreme levels of power, but you know what they say about absolute power and corruption.

Are you looking forward to a rebooted continuation of ‘The Craft’? Do you feel that Casey’s inclusion is a good sign for the film moving forward? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Tracking Board

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