toxic avenger

There have been numerous reboot attempts at the ‘Toxic Avenger‘ franchise in recent years and now Legendary has officially tapped Macon Blair (‘Blue Ruin,’ ‘Green Room’) to both write and direct the film. This is a production which has seen quite a few delays and revisions over the years and almost felt like it was going to end up as another canceled project. However, the actor has convinced the powers that be at Legendary that he has the chops to bring this new iteration of Michael Herz and Lloyd Kaufman’s cult classic to life.

While Blair hasn’t had that much experience behind the camera you can’t say he isn’t talented as the Elijah Wood and Melanie Lynskey starring ‘I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore’ received rave reviews at Sundance earning him the Grand Jury Prize.

For those unfamiliar with the original movie, it followed the nerdy Melvin Junko who was often picked on by bullies. In one of these instances, he was pushed into toxic waste and became a mutated superhuman who uses his powers to stop crime and bullying. Being a Troma film meant that the original was full of gore, nudity, and a sense of humor that many might not appreciate these days. The reason being is some of their shock-styled humor is what James Gunn ended up being fired from Marvel Studios for. This isn’t an overly family-friendly franchise so you shouldn’t expect Marvel’s style of humor when the reboot is released.

It is still early in development and we’ll have to wait and see if Blair can bring this to life or walk away from the film as others such as Kevin Smith and Arnold Schwarzenegger previously have.

Are you eager to see a reboot of ‘Toxic Avenger’ hit the big screen? Do you think that Legendary will tone down what they release compared to the original franchise films? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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