Legendary Entertainment Toxic Avenger

Troma Entertainment introduced the world to the indie superhero ‘Toxic Avenger‘ back in 1984, and the character has become the embodiment of B-Movie greatness. This is an interesting set of films for Legendary Entertainment to grab the rights to and remake into a big budget film as the type of films Troma makes tends to share the same kind of humor which James Gunn got fired from Marvel Studios for. One would suspect that this new take on the character might be slightly toned down from the original films.

Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz who founded Troma Entertainment and co-directed the original ‘Toxic Avenger’ will be producing this new reboot while Alex Garcia and Jay Ashenfelter are overseeing the project for Legendary Entertainment. At this time there isn’t a writer or director attached to the movie, but early rumblings have Legendary looking to expand this into an ongoing franchise.

For those unfamiliar with the plot of the original ‘Toxic Avenger,’ it followed a young man named Melvin who ended up falling into a vat of toxic waste. He didn’t die but was horribly disfigured and became a bulking radioactive hero. Melvin used his new strength to go up against bad guys and dole out some extremely painful avenging justice. As the ’80s and even ’90s were a more open time for what could be shown in movies and widely accepted by audiences, it spawned multiple sequels and even a children’s cartoon.

You have to wonder with this deal if the Toxic Avenger will remain Troma’s mascot once Legendary starts to make films with the character.

Are you looking forward to a reboot of the ‘Toxic Avenger’ franchise? Do you think that Legendary Entertainment can give a proper tribute to Troma Entertainment’s past films while also delivering a new story which will resonate with today’s audiences? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter