erza miller the flash

Ezra Miller wanted something done right, so he’s doing it himself.  It turns out that Miller is collaborating with comic book writer Grant Morrison (‘Justice League’, ‘Doom Patrol’) on a screenplay for the long-delayed DC movie ‘The Flash’, in which Miller is attached to star.  John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein signed on to co-direct almost one year ago exactly.  Reportedly, Daley and Goldstein’s plans for ‘The Flash’ are lighthearted, along the lines of ‘Aquaman’ and the upcoming ‘Shazam!’, which is music to Warner Bros.’ ears as ‘Aquaman’ just swam its way to become the highest-grossing DC Comics-based movie yet.  On the other hand, Miller and Morrison’s take is reported to be darker.

After attempting to work with Daley and Goldstein, Miller decided to tackle the script himself, partnering with Morrison.  In an unusual move, Warner Brothers went for it and hired them.  The first draft is expected as early as next week.

Could this be a make or break for Miller?  Maybe.  His “holding deal” for ‘The Flash’ expires in May.  If Warner Brothers rejects his darker take, it’s possible that he will walk (er… run at super speed?) away.

It’s been a long journey for Miller, who made a cameo in 2016’s ‘Batman V Superman’ before taking a starring role in ‘Justice League’.  Ironically, even though Miller wants a darker ‘Flash’ movie, it was the fact that his Barry Allen was a lighter character, that made him stand out in ‘Justice League’.

A solo ‘Flash’ movie has been in the works since WB announced plans for its DC shared universe, but after no one liked ‘Batman V Superman’ and ‘Justice League’ was a huge financial disappointment, the studio has been struggling to figure out the right path.  There was even talk that ‘The Flash’ would be changed to ‘Flashpoint’ and would reboot the entire franchise.  But things appear to have stabilized, following the monster success of ‘Aquaman’.

It’s now a waiting game to see whether or not WB approves Miller and Morrison’s take.  If so, does that mean that Daley and Goldstein will leave?  If WB doesn’t like Miller’s screenplay, does that mean that the actor will depart?

What do you think?  Do you want Miller to stick around?  Is he better suited for a lighter or darker superhero tale?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter