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The Flash movie is finally moving forward.  Warner Brothers has officially tapped John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein to direct ‘Flashpoint’.  The duo co-directed the just released adult-skewing comedy ‘Game Night’ which is a solid Top Five hit and stars Jason Bateman, Kyle Chandler and Rachel McAdams.  They also provided the script for last year’s superhero smash ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.  Prior to that, Daley and Goldstein wrote and directed the reboot of ‘Vacation’.  ‘Flashpoint’ has a script by Joby Harold who wrote ‘King Arthur: Legend of the Sword’ which flopped last year and he also penned the script for the upcoming ‘Robin Hood’ which opens this November.  But considering that Daley and Goldstein are known for their writing, they may redo the script themselves.

Daley took to Twitter to make the announcement, complete with a clip of the ‘Flash’ animated series from the 1960s:

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In the comics, ‘Flashpoint’ was a story that rebooted the DC Universe, resulting in the New 52, an initiative that has since been largely discarded.  It has also been used as a storyline on ‘The Flash’ TV show and been adapted into an animated movie.  Essentially, each version deals with travelling back in time and changing events, with disastrous consequences.  Some speculate that ‘Flashpoint’ will be used to reboot the DC film universe, which has struggled with the exception of ‘Wonder Woman’.  But we already have ‘Aquaman’ coming this winter and ‘Shazam!’ next spring.  If these movies do well, a hard reboot may not be necessary.  If not, this could be the fall-back option.

‘Flashpoint’ will, of course, focus on Ezra Miller‘s Barry Allen, who was a crowdpleaser in last year’s ‘Justice League’ with his self-deprecating sense of humor.  A scene featuring him with possible girlfriend Iris West, played by Kiersey Clemons was cut from the final film.  Clemons had signed on for ‘Flashpoint’ and ‘Justice League’ because the Flash movie was supposed to be directed by Rick Famuyiwa, who directed her in the acclaimed film ‘Dope’.  With Famuyiwa no longer attached, it’s unclear if Clemons will still appear in The Flash’s solo movie.

It is expected that two of Miller’s ‘Justice League’ co-stars will appear in this movie– Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ray Fisher as Cyborg.  Since The Flash and Cyborg are the two youngest members of the Justice League, it seems the two will strike up a friendship.  Cyborg may or may not get his own solo movie, so it’s believed that ‘Flashpoint’ will be used to build up his character a bit more before that happens.

Billy Crudup appeared as Barry’s father, Henry in ‘Justice League’ and he is expected to return in ‘Flashpoint’.

‘Flashpoint’ is expected in theaters in 2020.

Are you excited that this project is finally moving forward?

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