The pilot for The CW’s ‘The Lost Boys’, based on the 1987 teen vampire movie, has found three new stars– Sarah Hay, Cheyenne Haynes, and Haley Tju.  They join Tyler Posey, Kiele Sanchez, Medalion Rahimi, and Dakota Shapiro who were previously announced as cast members.  Similarly to the film, Sanchez plays Lucy, the mother of two teenage sons, who moves them back to her home town, the California beachfront community of Santa Carla, which it turns out is home to a huge colony of vampires.  Posey plays her older son Michael, while Rahmi plays Stella a mysterious girl that he becomes infatuated with.  But she remains loyal to David, played by Shapiro, in the role that Keifer Sutherland played in the original.

Hay’s character appears to have been created for the show, although she has a connection to the movie.  She plays Mollie, who was originally turned into a vampire by David, but now serves as his chief rival for leadership of the vampires.  She is has a guardian named Hiram, “who’s there to make sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble.”  She is also accompanied by her “eternally 8-year-old” son Laddie.

Laddie was in the movie (played by Chance Michael Corbitt) but was looked after by Jami Gertz’s character Star, who was reinterpreted for TV as Stella.

Haynes and Tju will portray the gender-swapped Frog Sisters, Liza and Cassie.  “Sharp, cool and lightly Goth, the Frog Sisters are teenage locals who work at Santa Carla’s comic-book store. Until Sam arrives, they think they’re the only ones aware of the darkness in this town.”

In the movie, Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander played Edgar and Alan Frog.  Feldman reprised his role in the direct-to-video sequel ‘Lost Boys: The Tribe’.  Both Feldman and Newlander returned for another video sequel ‘Lost Boys: The Thirst’, with plans for a third movie and a ‘Frog Brothers’ TV series in place, but those were scrapped.

Hay was nominated for a Golden Globe for starring in the Starz miniseries ‘Flesh and Bone’.  She also starred on Showtime’s ‘I’m Dying Up Here’.  She recently appeared in the British horror movie ‘Extracurricular Activities’.

Haynes co-starred on the recent HBO series ‘Camping’, and on the Amazon Prime tween series ‘Just Add Magic’.

Tju costars on Netflix’s upcoming series ‘Trinkets’, after having already costarring on the streaming service’s tween series ‘Prince of Peoria’.  She previously co-starred on the Nickelodeon series ‘Bella and the Bulldogs’ and had a recurring role on ‘KC Undercover’.  She has also voiced characters on various animated series including ‘Big Hero 6’ and ‘Kung-Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny’.

If The CW picks up the ‘Lost Boys’ pilot, it could appear as early as this fall, or possibly in early 2020.  Check back for updates!

Source: Deadline