A cemetery in the real Garden District of New Orleans

With all of the horror remakes, reboots, and reimaginings, it’s nice when an original horror script comes along. The latest spec script to hit Hollywood is called ‘Garden District’ and it sounds like a fun romp.

Deadline reports that Dimension Films has purchased the spec script for ‘Garden District’. The script, by Tony Jaswinski (‘Vanishing on 7th Street’) and Luke Goltz (‘You and I’) is described as “a low-budget horror thriller about a trio of self-declared mythbusters who get in over their heads while investigating what they think is just another hoax. It involved a mysterious video of a vampire’s execution that goes viral, and the mythbusters head to New Orleans to see if it’s phony.”

It sounds like someone took one of Syfy’s reality shows like ‘Fact or Faked’ and a Big Easy vampire tale and tossed everything into a blender. Now, even though I’m a huge horror buff, I’ve never been keen on vampires unless they’re either done spectacularly well (‘Let The Right One In’) or so cheesy that they’re just good fun (‘Near Dark’). The premise for ‘Garden District’ sounds like it’ll fall on the latter of those categories. Either way, I doubt that the New Orleans vamps will sparkle… so there’s always that.