Galaga Chronicles

The cinematic adaptation of Bandai Namco’s classic arcade shooter ‘Galaga Chronicles‘ has gotten a couple steps closer to production. We’ve just learned that writer and producer Roberto Orci (‘Star Trek’,’Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen’) has joined the team as well as the Emmy-winning animation studio ShadowMachine. It looks like the digital studio The Nuttery Entertainment has just gotten a quick boost in the type of quality will be delivered when the film does make it to the big screen, at least visually.

We found out at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con that the movie was happening and now this animated re-imaging is looking to kick off as a 12-episode season. Right now, the studio is looking for distribution as is looking to hit either a late 2019 or early 2020 release.

The plot from the original video game was almost non-existent as you took over a starfighter to take on an endless wave of insect-like aliens who were attacking you. It isn’t clear exactly how or why all of this was happening, and the ‘Galaga Chronicles’ will explain what exactly went down.

As to the game, Orci shares that:

“Galaga is one of the games I played growing up. I have fond memories of the quarters and hours upon hours I spent playing the game. I look forward to working with The Nuttery and to capture that magic in an exciting new format.”

There is plenty of opportunities to craft a solid story here as there are just enough details to give a plot while it is more than open-ended enough to craft a solid narrative. As ShadowMachine founder and CEO Alexander Bulkley states:

“This is by far one of the best video game adaptations I’ve ever read or been a part of. It is an absolute playground for animation.”

This gives us hope that the plot could be fun, and going the animated route might be a wise choice with how live-action video game adaptations have faired so far.

Of this influx of talent into the project, Magnus Jansson, CEO of The Nuttery lavished the following praise:

“We couldn’t be more stoked to have this level of creativity and craftsmanship on board our space adventure. Roberto’s incredible sense of story and science fiction mastery and ShadowMachine’s excellent animation and design chops have already elevated the project to the next level. I think we are sitting on an amazing origin story for Galaga that will not disappoint fans of the game, or of science fiction in general.”

While not a new property, this will be an original science fiction story set in space and we haven’t had a lot of those succeed in recent years. Here’s hoping we have a winner that can help fill the void!

Are you looking forward to seeing the ‘Galaga Chronicles’ brought to animated life? What channel or streaming service would you hope this video game adaptation lands on? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline Hollywood