While there are plenty of people in the industry making toys based on DC Comics characters, there’s nothing quite like the top notch quality you get with toys coming straight from the source at DC Comics in house collectibles production company, DC Collectibles! This year at New York Toy Fair the team at DC Collectibles had plenty of fantastic new stuff to show off from all throughout the DC Universe, but right now we’re here to take a look at their latest action figure offerings that fans can look forward to seeing on the shelves later this year!

Coming in hard and fast is the all new ‘DC Lucha Explosiva’ line! This completely original toyline from DC Collectibles mashes up the DC Universe with the Lucha phenomenon to bring us a whole new world filled with amazing new versions of some of DC Comics most iconic characters! These figures will be released in waves of 2 ‘rival’ figures at a time that will be sold individually and feature plenty of articulation. Wave 1 features Batman and Deathstroke, while Wave 2 will have Superman and Metallo and Wave 3 will round out this first set with Wonder Woman and Cheetah!

Moving right along we got a look at this year’s offerings from DC Collectibles main ‘DC Essentials’ line of super articulated figures! These are meant to be ‘essential’ representations of your favorite DC Comics characters, so they’re all pretty standard fare for those who need a basic version of your favorite heroes and villains! While they didn’t have much by the way of new figures to show off for this line, we did get a look at an all new figure of The Red Hood (which fans have literally been begging for years)! The DC Collectibles team also announced a new line of dynamic deluxe display bases so that you will be able to display your DC Essentials figures in a number of fantastic new poses that were never previously possible!

One of the biggest pieces of news from DC Collectibles at Toy Fair (both literally and figuratively) was their new ‘DC Prime’ action figure line! This new line is on a much larger scale than we are used to seeing from DC Collectibles at a whopping 9″ tall! The ‘DC Prime’ line is a premium series of figures featuring highly detailed sculpts that are loaded with articulation. The first figure in the line will be Batman as designed by Ricardo Federici, with a poseable cape and a whole boatload (or should we say Batload?) of accessories like alternative heads and Batarangs. The one downside to this incredibly awesome looking new line is that it’s price point is a bit higher than usual, with this new ‘DC Prime’ Batman figure expected to be priced at $125, but when you look at the insane level of quality this figure has and the amount of love that was clearly put into crafting it, it seems like a small price to pay to own what might be the coolest Batman figure ever made! More character announcements for the ‘DC Prime’ line are expected soon.

We’ve saved what is quite possibly the best for last, with a number of new figures coming to the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ toyline. For starters, we have some figures we first saw at San Diego Comic-Con last year with classic versions of Two-Face and The Scarecrow finally coming to stores this spring! We also have HARDAC Batman and The Grey Ghost hitting stores soon to round out what we previously thought would be the final main wave of the line. We also got a much better look at the new Bat-Cycle vehicle with a newly retooled Batman figure that has special new leg articulation to accommodate him riding the motorcycle properly.

The biggest surprise, however, is an all new wave of figures that are technically their own new line, but that work so well with the previous ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ line that it may as well be the same line. DC Collectibles is working with Paul Dini and Ty Templeton who worked on the original ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ companion comic book series to bring all new characters never previously seen in the ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ style to life as action figure! New characters coming to the line include The Red Hood, Azreal Batman, Armored Batman, and Deathstroke! These are all early in development, but here’s hoping they are truly the start of a wonderful new expansion to what was already a fan favorite toyline.

Be sure to check out our full gallery of action figures from the DC Collectibles booth at New York Toy Fair 2019 below!