Star Wars: The Mandalorian

A new rumor has cropped up about the upcoming live-action Disney+ series ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian!’ and from it, we’ll be seeing quite a few more Mandalorians! It doesn’t sound as if we’ll end up on Mandalore as was seen in the animated ‘Star Wars Rebels‘ but that there will be a secret Mandalorian Enclave in the series which also has an armorer living or visiting there.

The main heroes costume is set to change over the series, and this is one way that we could see the changes play out. With that in mind, Mandalorians have never been a fan of outsiders, and it feels like a hard sell that someone wearing their armor which isn’t actually a member of Mandalorian society would be welcomed with open arms to get some upgrades.

The source first mentioned that there would be Scarif Trooper parts in the armor and later add in some armor from Death Troopers. This all helped hint as to how the costume would evolve over time. However, the main character isn’t the one making these modifications as the rumor has it that “there is a secret enclave of Mandalorians our hero is affiliated with.” Here is where the armorer lives and there is a woman who is incorporating the rest of the armor into the new design.

However the main character is tied to them, a secret enclave of Mandalorians could be a fantastic starting point for new stories down the line. While we’ll likely get some of the society’s history which we’ve already learned from both ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars‘ and ‘Star Wars Rebels,’ it feels like a ripe time to find out even more about what they’re up to these days. One can only hope that someone name drops Sabine Wren in the series or that her artistic styling ended up being part of Mandalorian society both during and after the fall of The Empire.

Are you excited that we’ll possibly be learning more about Mandalorian society in ‘Star Wars: The Mandalorian’? Will the main character actually be a Mandalorian or just wearing their armor and somehow have earned a place in this mysterious enclave? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Making Star Wars