Deadpool 3

While no one is quite sure what will happen with all of 20th Century Fox’s Marvel assets once they are under the Walt Disney Company’s control, the one property which is probably safe is Ryan Reynolds’ “Deadpool” franchise. Now, it sounds like a third entree into the series is in development. With two movies he has built a money making machine and made himself as iconic as any of the actors in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Honestly, only a handful of Fox’s mutant portrayals have been able to pull that off so far.

Last we heard, ‘Deadpool 3‘ was being scrubbed in order to bring us an ‘X-Force‘ movie and according to Ryan Reynolds that plan may have changed. The actor is currently out promoting the Chinese release of ‘Once Upon A Deadpool‘ and has gone on the record outing saying that his team is already working on ‘Deadpool 3’ and that they were “looking to go in a completely different direction” as “often, [studios] reboot or change a character maybe like four movies too late.”

It isn’t clear if they have both ‘X-Force’ and ‘Deadpool 3’ in development, but we all know that any plans might be getting thrown out the window once the Fox buyout is finalized. Of course, this new take might all boil down to how Wade Wilson and any supporting characters get thrown into the MCU as Fox’s X-Men world prepares to be rebooted.

With this being “completely different,” it would make sense to see Wade somehow getting sucked through different universes until he ends up landing in the MCU. How many of his co-stars from ‘Deadpool 2’ who end up coming with him is a completely different story. Of course, the other option is that we could potentially see Marvel Studios launching a second brand of R-Rated films and using ‘Deadpool 3’ to kick them off and keep them contained in their own cinematic world.

Do you think that ‘Deadpool 3’ will be in production before the Fox buyout is official? Is this “completely different” plan which is being pitched is actually how to get Wade Wilson, and potentially X-Force transported into the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Variety