With all of the hype about the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ being the “missing chapter” about Ethan Peck’s take on Spock and giving us new insight into the most popular Vulcan in the franchise, it was a bit surprising that he didn’t appear in the season premiere. Showrunner Alex Kurtzman was open as to why that happened and also shared a few other fun details about what to expect this season.

In fact, it was the absence of Spock which was felt so strongly, and this was done on purpose:

“Spock looms so large in Burnham’s life. He’s been such a presence in his absence. I love the idea of watching Burnham’s relationship to Spock before we actually get to meet him. You see how much he means to her. This is a story about this deep connection between siblings. The fact that it’s so defined by absence, the fact they haven’t spoken to each other in so long, is compelling. We all wanted to put the audience in her shoes and feel her perspective and yearning for a character we wanted to get to know more about. Hopefully, it drives the mystery and whets your appetite to understand more about why they haven’t spoken.”

We had previously learned that Michael Burnham was Spock’s foster sibling as Sarek had raised them both and are finally going to learn why he has never mentioned her. While Kurtzman won’t reveal the reason yet he does tease the importance:

“We discover in Season One that Michael has a relationship with Spock. The mystery of why Spock, who we’ve known for over 50 years, has never mentioned his sister, is huge. It felt like there was no way we were going to be able to answer that question in one or two episodes. It was easily going to be the substance of a whole season. This season is a deep-dive into that relationship and what went wrong, their history and where they’re headed. That excited me. It’s the unwritten chapter of how Spock became the character that we meet in the original series. We’ll come to understand that were it not for his relationship with Michael, many of the things we know and love about Spock may not have flowered in the way that they did.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter