The Punisher

Forget the politics of Netflix, Marvel, and Disney for the moment, the arguments over season sizes, and the fact that ‘The Punisher’ will all too likely be cancelled a few weeks after Season 2 premieres. None of that matters at the moment, because we finally have the full trailer for ‘The Punisher’ Season 2, and it looks like Frank Castle is finally throwing himself into becoming the man we always knew him to be, which means this season could see the Jon Bernthal fully become the Punisher we know from the comics.

The trailer makes it look like the Frank Castle of ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 and ‘The Punisher’ Season 1, grief-stricken still, torn between duty and vengeance, still on the edge of morality and having the choice to come back and be a law-abiding citizen, might just be finally wiped away in Season 2, as he fully embraces his Punishing alter-ego, and becomes the dangerous kick-ass vigilante we all love, capable of taking down his enemies, and punishing them simply because that is his code. The trailer is damn bloody and violent, without apology, giving us lots of action showing both Frank and Billy Russo’s Jigsaw out in the field in costume going up against each other. It also showcases newcomers to the cast  Giorgia Whigham and Josh Stewart plus series alums Amber Rose Revah and Jason R. Moore, letting us know it will not simply be Castle and Russo chasing each other through the streets for the full season. This is finally the trailer to get excited about, which tells us that even if this is the end for the Jon Bernthal version of the Punisher (which many of us hope it is not – or who knows? Maybe he could make an appearance in ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 3? Though I doubt it), this could be an epic way for the series and the character to go out.

Check it out for yourself below, and share your thoughts on this latest trailer, and the upcoming season in the comments below!