M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Unbreakable’ came out 20 years ago, and fans of the film who thought the story of David Dunn was well, done, were pleasantly surprised with the release of ‘Split’ in 2016. In the upcoming film, ‘Glass,’ we will finally get to see what Bruce Willis’ character has been up to! Three new videos for ‘Glass’ have been released to give fans a sneak peek at what’s to come!

The first clip was posted to Twitter and features two scenes. One scene, from ‘Unbreakable,’ shows the moment where young Joseph Dunn realizes that his father has become a superhero. The clip then jumps to a scene from ‘Glass’ and features Joseph all grown up and working with his father. He reveals that Dunn now operated under the name The Overseer. Check out the clip below!

The next clip features Sarah Paulson playing psychiatrist Ellie Staple who is attempting to convince Willis, Samuel L. Jackson (Elijah Price / Mr. Glass), and James McAvoy (Kevin Wendell Crumb) that they do not have superpowers and are just suffering from delusion. The clip below shows the characters not taking too kindly to her diagnosis!

The third clip that has been released showing Jackson as Mr. Glass speaking with one of Crumb’s many personalities, Patricia. At first, she does not trust the promises made by Jackson’s character, but he succeeds in getting her on his side. He says the following in the clip:


“Everything extraordinary can be explained away, and yet, it is true. I think deep down you know this. Everything we will see and do will have a basis in science. But it will have limits, this is the real world not a cartoon. And yet, some of us don’t die from bullets. Some of us can still bend steel. That is not a fantasy.”

Don’t miss ‘Glass’ in theatres on January 18!