Todd Fisher Shares That 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Has Unused Leia Footage To Finish Carrie's Story

It has been two years and we’re still reeling from the loss of Carrie Fisher but that doesn’t stop the juggernaut of Disney’s “Star Wars” franchise from moving forward. Many fans have been worried about how Fisher’s General Leia would be portrayed in the final installment of The Skywalker Saga as the third film in the new trilogy was supposed to put Fisher front and center in a way where Han Solo was used in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ and Luke Skywalker in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi.’

Many have been worried about a CGI digital recreation or recasting which they felt would diminish this final installment but her brother, Todd Fisher, has reassured fans that unused footage with the actress from the previous two films is what will help flesh out what will be the final chapter in Leia’s story.

According to Todd in how they are bringing Carrie back for one last time:

“There’s a lot of minutes of footage. I don’t mean just outtakes. This is unused, new content that could be woven into the storyline. That’s what’s going to give everybody such a great kick. It’s going to look like it was meant to be. Like it was shot yesterday.”

It will be interesting to see what scenes were cut from previous films could be adapted to give everyone’s favorite Disney Princess and General a proper send off. We won’t know quite what J.J. Abrams was able to do until teasers start to drop, but at the very least it sounds like Todd was thrilled with how fans will be able to say goodbye to his sister’s iconic character.

As to specifics, he did share that they were not allowed to talk about the details were thrilled at what’s been done.

Are you happy to hear that Todd Fisher is excited for how Abrams is respecting his sister’s memory and able to give her iconic character a proper goodbye? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Good Morning America