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While Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are long gone from Starz’ take on Neil Gaiman‘s ‘American Gods‘ many are still curious to where they would have taken the show had they had continued as showrunners. We may never know why the pair ended up leaving the production, but Fuller has shared an interesting note on where part of the second season of the series would have gone had he still been on board. Specifically, he tweeted about two characters he was hoping that Gillian Anderson‘s Media would portray in the sophomore outing.

The plan would have had Anderson play both Fred Rogers and Princess Leia at some point in the series!

The exact Tweet no longer appears to exist but had shared this:

Me @andmichaelgreen never abandoned @AmericanGodsSTZ @GodsOnAmazon. We were dedicated to cast, crafted the season, wrote 5 episodes, even had Media as Mr. Rogers & Princess Leia. We were in the process of reducing scope due to a dramatic budget reduction when we were fired.

— Bryan Fuller (@BryanFuller) December 16, 2018

I love that Fuller had wanted to find a way to include a tribute to both ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood’ and “Star Wars” in the series. While you could easily imagine a dozen ways to include everyone’s favorite Disney Princess, it would be an unusual situation to have Mr. Rogers appear. I suspect it would once again be when the Gods were trying to extend a friendly olive branch to Shadow Moon while attempting to sway him to their side.

Do you wish that Bryan Fuller and Michael Green had worked out a deal with Starz to remain as the showrunners for the second season of ‘American Gods’? How do you think the two would have included Mr. Rogers and Princess Leia in the series? What form of Leia do you think they would have had Anderson dress up as? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘American Gods’ returns to Starz for a second season on March 10th, 2019!

Source: io9