John Barrowman and Stephen Amell both put in appearances at Phoenix Comic Con but on two separate panels, yet both wound up telling the same anecdote about their first time filming together.

Amell plays the star of ‘Arrow‘, Oliver Queen, currently referred to by the alias The Arrow, while Barrowman plays the villainous Malcolm Merlyn, the father of Oliver’s former best friend Tommy and, as was just revealed, strongly connected to the Queen family in an unexpected way.

The scene in question also involved Paul Blackthorne, a.k.a Detective Quentin Lance, who is revealed in the clip is a method actor, so whenever he had to film a scene with Amell, Blackthrone would recreate the feelings of hatred toward Oliver before filming would begin to get his mind set into the role.

Unfortunately, this scene between Amell, Blackthrone and Barrowman was cut when the producers decided that they didn’t want Oliver and Malcolm to come face-to-face until a later episode but that doesn’t make the story any less entertaining.

Thanks to  Nai Wang, we can finally see both sides of the two’s first scene together. While Barrowman’s Malcolm was largely absent from Season Two (he did resurfaced at the end), fans can expect him to play a larger role in Season Three – much to Amell’s chagrin.

Check out the two versions of the story spliced together below:

Although most of us won’t be around to witness these on-set hijinks, I’m sure we can look forward to hearing many more stories like this at different Cons in the future.

Source: Bleeding Cool