‘Timeless’ has already escaped cancellation twice but we know that a series finale is slated to drop on December 20th on NBC but will it be the end? Showrunner Arika Lisanne Mittman has shared a couple of hints to what we can expect when the final credits roll but also teases that it may not to truly be the end for the series.

It would seem a final episode to wrap things up was truly something that was meant to be:

“I would call it something of a Christmas miracle that we were able to get all the cast members [back] because we’d all been released from our contracts, which meant everybody could take other work, and people had. Actors were on different continents at this point, doing other things, and the fact that everybody was able to make it work, and made the effort to make it work, is a testament to how much we all have loved doing the show.”

When Mittman was asked about a reunion series or possibly a TV movie happening later down the line, he shared:

“If that were to happen, that’d be awesome. With this show, I will never say anything’s impossible. I mean, we were the show that was canceled and brought back three days later. In my life, I’ve never heard of anything like that happening! I wouldn’t count on anything, but I wouldn’t rule us out.”

As there is a good chance that this will really be the final outing of ‘Timeless,’ Mittman shared that she “didn’t want to leave everything up in the air” with regards to the major plots that have been developed over the years and “as unpredictable as the actual fate of the show has been, they’re not shooting themselves in the foot in terms of leaving the door open for what could happen.” While this might be written in a way for the show to continue, it won’t be from any of the longstanding stories as those sound as if they’ll be getting wrapped up.

Matt Lanter who plays Wyatt on the series added that fans will get a “sort of a fast-forward [in which] we get to see where our characters are going to be at, possibly, in the future” and that “It all depends on what timeline they follow and what paths they follow. But I think we see them with a bit of happiness. That also makes me happy: to know that these characters have a future, and it’s not all grim and doom and sadness, because they’re heroes and they saved the world. So they deserve happiness.”

While the significant stories so far will get wrapped up, Lanter also stated that “the very, very ending, it’s open-ended. There’s always room for the show to come back.”

We’ll see if the fan base will once again take up arms and demand that NBC give us more.

Are you looking forward to ‘Timeless’ coming to an end? How do you think the series will finish things off? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: TV Line