Megan Fox
Kathy Hutchins /

Set phasers to let-down! Rumors that ‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox was joining the cast of ‘Star Trek 4’ have been making the rounds online since October. Now, Fox has addressed the rumors and it seems like they hold no weight.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Fox responded to the rumor saying:

“I love the rumor but where do these things come from?”

Fox explained that she’s “never on the internet” and therefore hadn’t heard about the rumor. She said:

“I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.”

In October, Fox posted a photo of her and ‘Star Trek’ star John Cho sitting on the set of a panel discussion show. The photo was from an episode of ‘Talking Games,’ from YouTube channel Typical Gamer.

Fox not only tagged ‘Star Trek,’ she also used an overlay of the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ logo. A fan later shared the post and asked the official ‘Star Trek’ twitter account what this meant, and the reply was mysterious!

It seems that this was all done in jest, as Fox revealed:

 “No one from ‘Star Trek has’ [reached out.] I’ve had no contact with that camp whatsoever.”

Fox did admit that she is a big ‘Trek’ fan, and wouldn’t be upset about appearing in the franchise. She said:

“I would love it. That sounds great. I’m a fan. But literally there’s zero truth to it so far. But maybe you’ll make it happen!”

Check back for more news about ‘Star Trek 4’ as it becomes available!