Yesterday, we broke the news that Warner Brothers would be moving forward with a ‘Justice League’ movie (despite my advice to go in a different direction) and a ‘Wonder Woman’ movie. Today, Variety (via /Film) revealed that those aren’t the only two DC properties getting the movie treatment at WB at the moment. After the massive success of ‘The Avengers’, the studio really kicked things into gear and started to develop six other characters for the big screen in total, not including Green Lantern or Batman, which will both probably end up getting rebooted somewhere down the line to tie into ‘Justice League’.

According to Variety, ‘Justice League’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Aquaman’, ‘Green Arrow’, ‘Lobo’, ‘Suicide Squad’, and ‘Shazam’. We’ve heard about most of these at one point or another, but it’s been a long while since we’ve gotten updates on any of them besides ‘Justice League’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and ‘Lobo’. The three that stand out the most are ‘Green Arrow’, ‘Suicide Squad’, and ‘Shazam’. I don’t recall ever hearing about those movies in development. I’m all for Suicide Squad, which is about an anti-hero team of incarcerated supervillains who act as a black ops team for the government, and Green Arrow, however, it’s interesting to note also that Oliver Queen will be appearing in the CW drama ‘Arrow’ very soon, so if they’re planning a movie as well, could it be that we might get too much of DC’s emerald archer too soon?

Moving on to DC’s other guy in green, Comic Book Resources is reporting that the future of the Green Lantern on screen may prove that it’s not easy being green. Since the first movie only brought in a disappointing $20 million worldwide, Warner Bros is still deciding on whether or not they should bring back Ryan Reynolds or relaunch the series again in a new way. Despite screenwriters Greg Berlanti, Michael Green, and Marc Guggenheim turning in an outline for ‘Green Lantern 2’ last year, it’s said that the studio is planning on making significant changes if not starting completely from scratch.

I like the idea that CBR brought up in their piece. Marvel introduced all their heroes individually in their own movies prior to the release of ‘The Avengers’. DC could do the exact opposite and use ‘Justice League’ as a launching off point for all these new movies like ‘The Flash’, ‘Green Lantern’, ‘Green Arrow’, ‘Wonder Woman’, and a new Batman. That approach makes total sense rather than trying to tie all these discombobulated movies together somehow.

In the event that DC doesn’t take this route, I don’t think it’ll difficult to make changes to the ‘Green Lantern’ franchise. After all, there’s still Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart, so the sequel could go to any of their stories, with Hal Jordan making a cameo appearance.

No matter which road DC Entertainment decides to take, they certainly have their hands full trying to match up to the massive success that the Marvel Cinematic Universe created.