The Rocketeer Reborn Comic Has Crashed Into CancellationWhile IDW was slated to release a rebooted ‘Rocketeer Reborn’ in just a few weeks, it looks like this five-issue mini-series has crash landed. The creative team of Elsa Charretier, Pierrick Colinet, and Javier Pulido were set to update Dave Stevens’ creation of ‘The Rocketeer’ for the 21st century, but it looks like it just wasn’t meant to be. The original plan had the Cliff Secord’s jetpack discovered decades after he had last flown and now a new hero was going to take up the mantle.

IDW announced the grounding of the series saying:

“IDW deeply appreciates the excitement and support received from Rocketeer fans upon the announcement of the Rocketeer Reborn series. Unfortunately, with heavy hearts, we have to cancel this particular series, but never fear — The Rocketeer will return from IDW!”

It isn’t clear as to exactly why ‘Rocketeer Reborn’ has crash landed, but at the very least it doesn’t appear to be a rights issue if they’re claiming that “The Rocketeer will return from IDW!”

You almost have to wonder if they made a deal to expand on ‘The Rocketeer‘ animated reboot which is coming to Disney Jr. or if it ended up being creative differences with the team. It feels that they had a solid idea in mind when the comic was initially announced as Charretier and Colinet had shared that it was an “immense honor … to contribute to Dave Stevens’ legacy, and a big responsibility as well” and that “We hope people will find a fresh, pulp-noir, modern Rocketeer, as Javier Pulido’s wonderfully unique style and inventive storytelling bring this new adventure to life.”

Are you annoyed that we won’t be able to read ‘Rocketeer Reborn’? Why do you think that IDW ended up pulling the plug on this series? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter