Wonder Woman 2

The sorceress/demigoddess Circe was rumored for inclusion in the first ‘Wonder Woman’ and obviously that didn’t happen.  Then rumors swirled that she would be the villain of the sequel, but the latest buzz is that this witch is going to have to wait once more.  The villain of ‘Wonder Woman 2’ will actually be the Amazon’s most famous foe– The Cheetah.  And there’s another pretty hefty bombshell coming, but read for yourself.

According to That Hashtag Show:

The film is said to follow Diana Prince into the 1980s where she will (somehow) reunite with Steve Trevor to take on the now dissolved Soviet Union. According to our source, somewhere in that mix will be the classic DC comics’ villainess Cheetah. You won’t have to dig too deeply into Google to discover that Cheetah sits atop the most wanted list of a large percentage of DC fans, but this is no fan fiction. With just 3 months until filming and with the polished script from Geoff Johns and Dave Callaham in hand, Warner Bros. is on the prowl for their Cheetah and though it’s by no means a done deal at this point, we are told the studio was eyeing actress Emma Stone for the role, but we recently confirmed that she has passed on the role.

Yes, somehow Steve Trevor will be revived.  Chris Pine and Gal Gadot had such great chemistry in the first movie, so it will be nice to see him somehow return, as long as they come up with a reasonable explanation as to how.  In the 1970s TV series, Lyle Waggoner played Steve in the 1940s, but when the show jumped into the modern era he played… er, Steve Trevor Jr.  Hopefully, Johns and Callaham came up with something more clever than that.

Stone would have made a great Cheetah, but now let the guesses begin as to who will land this plum role, although Sarah Paulson has publicly expressed a desire to play this villain.

There have been a few different Cheetahs in the comics.  The first was Priscilla Rich, a socialite with a split personality who first appeared in ‘Wonder Woman’ #6 in 1943.  This was the version featured on the ‘Superfriends’ cartoon, so she is often the most recognized.  In 1980, her niece Deborah Domaine assumed the title.  When Wonder Woman herself was updated post-‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’, she got a new Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, the first version that had actual superpowers.  She was a half-human, half-cat hybrid.  It’s this version that has continued to be utilized in the comics, although she (along with Wonder Woman and the DC Universe as a whole) has been rebooted a few times.

What do you think about The Cheetah as the villain of ‘Wonder Woman 2’?  Who should play her?

Directed by Patty Jenkins, ‘Wonder Woman 2’ will be released on November 1, 2019.