Will T.J. Miller Be In Deadpool 3? Even He Doesn't Know!

T.J. Miller has been down on his luck ever since phoning in a bomb threat about an Amtrak train and his role in future installments of ‘Deadpool’ has been in question since. While a standout who really got in front of a wide audience with both HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ and the “Deadpool” franchise. This, combined with other accusations have had a direct impact on the comedian’s career. First, he stepped away from the HBO series and his future with The Merc with the Mouth’s franchise in question as ‘Deadpool 3‘ is likely starting to be planned out.

A huge rumor spread across the Internet recently that Miller would no longer be attached to the film:

However, after this one line spread across blogs and websites everywhere, Miller was quick to retract the statement with two separate Tweets.

The first of which was:

While the second was:

While this leads his return to the franchise somewhat open, many fans aren’t holding their breath for it to happen. Miller’s work is excellent, but the controversy that currently surrounds him is the last kind of thing that Disney appears to be willing to put up with. With the next ‘Deadpool’ movie likely to happen after Disney finished purchasing Fox you can bet that just like James Gunn we’ll be seeing Miller not being included here.

All of that being said, it should be noted that Miller is still under contract for another film and we could still see him appear.

Do you think that T.J. Miller should be allowed back for ‘Deadpool 3’? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!