Just when you thought things were looking up for ‘Ghostbusters 3’, we’re right back to bad news about the long-awaited sequel that has been on and off again more times than they say the name of the team in their theme song. Just last month, rumors began to circulate that Sony had scheduled the threequel to shoot in Cleveland, Ohio in spring of 2014 with Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill and ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ star Emma Stone. But in an update to that report, it looks like those stars aren’t as onboard as Dan Aykroyd would hope.

According to Schmoes Know, Stone is reportedly passing on the role of Anna in ‘Ghostbusters 3’. As for her ‘Superbad’ co-star, Hill’s offer to play Jeremy is still pending, so he’s still in the running. However, even if he accepts, the studio apparently demands at least two big stars sign onto the project or else they won’t green light it. This makes sense since in this day and age the original cast (minus Bill Murray) can’t really open a movie by themselves anymore, but it spells out bad news for those hopeful to know who to call once again.

It’s a bummer to hear that the actress has turned down the offer. Seeing her involved with the next generation of Ghostbusters would have been cool, but maybe she got her fill from the brief moment that she stepped into that universe in ‘Zombieland’. But all hope is not lost yet. Maybe if Hill signs on, he could bring along some of his high profile friends like Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, or Craig Robinson. Basically, anyone who appeared in ‘This Is The End’ would be a welcome addition to the cast in order for the film to even have a chance.

Are you bummed about the potential death of ‘Ghostbusters 3’ once again because of Emma Stone’s rejection? Do you think that Jonah Hill will jump onto the project? Or are you among those who feel like everyone should give up and just leave the franchise alone at two movies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.