inhumans medusa

The recent trailer for Marvel’s ‘Inhumans‘ shows that things aren’t looking too good for Queen Medusa (Serinda Swan).  Seems she’s going to be having a bad hair day…likely, for most of the season.

The scene in question has Medusa fighting against Sonya Balmores’ Auran who is the head of security for the Inhuman home of Attilan. Instead of employing her hair, which she traditionally uses as another set of appendages, she’s using her fists. That’s because her hair is nowhere to be found.

While the current ‘Royals’ comic by Al Ewing has her hair falling out which has her believing that she is dying, in the trailer, it looks to be cut off. This is probably from Maximus (Iwan Rheon) who is looking to strip her and Black Bolt of being able to resist his coup. This act looks to come straight out from the Marvel Knights comic line of the ‘Inhumans’ series by both Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee and is one of the gold standards of the Inhuman Royal Family.

Here is how it played out in print:

maximus and medusa

While we’ll see Medusa likely escaping Attilan after this fight and fleeing to Earth with Black Bolt, she won’t be able to do much with her powers for likely the duration of the series. Outside of the lack of finished CGI, this is likely part of the reason we haven’t seen much use of her hair in the previews. We’ll likely get a spectacular view of it in the first few episodes with the start of the coup by Maximus and not much for the rest of the season until near the end.

That’s one way to keep the budget down.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’? What are your thoughts on Medusa most likely being hairless for the duration of the first season? Share your thoughts below True Believers!