Creators Of Castlevania Are Making A Devil May Cry Anime In The Same Bootleg Multivers"

Adi Shankar, executive producer of the Netflix anime series, ‘Castlevania’, is now spearheading another anime adaptation of the popular video game, ‘Devil May Cry’ and announced that it takes place in the same “bootleg multiverse” as his established hit.

Shankar made the announcement on IGN‘s video chat show, which… you can watch below.  It’s a little bizarre.


As you can see, after announcing that ‘Devil May Cry’ and ‘Castlevania’ take place in the shared “bootleg multiverse,” he takes off his mic and storms off the set, telling fans to “Let the speculation begin.”

Separately, he discussed ‘Castlevania”s success, stating that it “really over-performed. It did crazy well. We immediately got greenlit for Season 3… I wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for the fans.”  Indeed, ‘Castlevania’ has been widely embraced by fans and critics.  The first season was actually a movie that was divided up into smaller portions, so it was incredibly short, leaving fans clamoring for more.

Shankar did not reveal how ‘Devil May Cry’ would be distributed.  It would make sense to release it through Netflix since that is where ‘Castlevania’ is available and the streamer would be likely to want to replicate its success with another video game anime from the same creators.

There have been multiple protagonists in the ‘Devil May Cry’ games, but perhaps the most popular is Dante, the son of a demon lord who wields a pair of pistols named Ebony and Ivory.  Shankar may… or may not have confirmed that Dante would be the focus of the anime by posting a picture of himself dressed as Dante, following his announcement on IGN.

‘Devil May Cry’ was previously adapted into an animated format in 2007 by Madhouse.

This project is most likely in the earliest stages of development, so it may be years before it actually sees the light of day, but how do you feel about this news?  Are you a fan of the ‘Castlevania’ anime?  Does the idea of a ‘Devil May Cry’ anime from the same team excite you?