‘Legion’ has been hotly anticipated for some time now, mainly because of the potential the show has as the first live-action ‘X-Men’ universe show, the fact that it is a superhero show not on one of the broadcast networks (meaning it can most likely get away with more violence and gore), and because of just what an interesting character the titular hero is. True, some fans might be disappointed if it turns out the ‘Legion’ does not actually take place in the theatrical ‘X-Men’ universe (which is still unclear at this point), but if it is a stand-alone show the potential goes way up for appearances from major ‘X-Men’ heroes and villains to appear as they will not have to be played by the same actors who play them in the movies.

For those not in the know about just exactly who Legion is, Marvel has been kind enough to release a video introducing the basic tenants of Legion’s comic-book history to fans of the franchise so they know what to expect from the new character. Being a mutant with multiple personalities, all of which have access to different powers and abilities, makes Legion a potentially powerful hero with a slew of abilities with which to fight his villains, but also a potentially unstoppable villain if he were to be turned against the right path, which is often what villains attempt to do to him in the comics.

Of course, the show has more than just a great main character going for it, as ‘Legion’ also has Noah Hawley (‘Fargo’) on board as the showrunner, and act0r Dan Stevens onboard as the titular hero. And if we find out it does take place in the ‘X-Men’ cinematic universe, it also has potential for some cool cameos from actors who have appeared in the movies. Check out the video introduction of Legion for yourself below, and then make sure to share your own thoughts and theories about the show in the comments section below that!

In case you do not have time to watch the entire thing, here is a transcript of the narration:

“The son of Charles Xavier, David Haller awoke from a terrorist attack with multiple personalities, all vying for attention. His inner people possess amazing abilities like telekinesis  and pyrokinesis, and far more, making him one of the most powerful mutants ever. Legion joined the X-Men to further his father’s dream, but others tried to use him for their own gain, forcing David to seek to control of his powers. Meanwhile, new voices continued to speak up and grow stronger.”