General Mills

General Mills made cereals based on the film ‘Batman V Superman’, now it’s hoping to work in reverse, by bringing its monsters, Boo Berry, Count Chocula and Frankenberry to life on the big screen.  Via its website Work With The Monsters, the cereal makers posted:

We’re calling all filmmakers, actors, agents, writers, producers, animators, tastemakers, dealmakers, movers and shakers.

We want to work with you to bring great stories to life. From mythical fables to magical journeys. Fairy tales to folk tales. Cliffhangers to nail-biters. Heroic sagas to cosmic battles. Binge-worthy dramas to historical epics. Blockbusters to indies. Serials to sequels.

 Together, let’s captivate the hearts and minds of teens and adults.

This isn’t a contest. This isn’t a pitch for free ideas.

We humbly submit this brief to you, Hollywood.

The site offers additional details and ways that interested parties can apply to bring these characters to life.  Count Chocula and Frankenberry were introduced in 1971, with Boo Berry (the first blueberry-flavored cereal) added in 1973.  All three were readily available year-round, but in 2010, due to slow sales, they were discontinued and only made available around Halloween each year.  A fourth cereal, Fruit Brute was added in 1974 but discontinued in 1982.  That was a fruit flavored cereal with lime marshmallows and featured a werewolf mascot.  In 1987, another fruit flavored cereal with vanilla marshmallows, Fruity Yummy Mummy was introduced but discontinued in 1992.  In 2013, both Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy were made available with the others for Halloween, with Fruit Brute switched to cherry flavor and Yummy Mummy changed to orange cream.

General Mills has also introduced other snacks based on the Monsters, Fruit Roll-Ups and cereal bars.  Among fans, the Monsters remain among the most famous advertising mascots in history and various pieces of merchandising have been released, most recently from Funko, who produced Wacky Wobblers (bobbleheads), POPS, and Vynls.

At any rate, Universal has hit a wall when it comes to their monster franchise.  Both ‘Dracula Untold’ and ‘The Mummy’ were flops and failed to launch their planned Dark Universe of movies.  Perhaps they’d have better luck with licensing these popular mascots in a more family-friendly manner.

Would you head to the multiplex to see the adventures of Boo Berry, Count Chocula, or Frankenberry?