Incredibles 2

Well, ‘Incredibles 2’ may have been a huge summer hit, but one thing it is not is a “kids movie” at least according to director Brad Bird.  With the film recently arriving on home video, some are viewing it for the first time and one such viewer contacted Bird on Twitter to ask why he had included some curse words in the animated flick.

Of course, being a Disney/Pixar movie, with theme park and toy tie-ins, ‘Incredibles 2’ is family-friendly, but Bird obviously doesn’t consider this a movie strictly for children.

In the US, more and more animation is created strictly for adults, like the programs on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block and Netflix series like ‘Big Mouth’ and ‘F is for Family’.  Other shows like ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘South Park’ can appeal to multiple generations, but are generally considered more for adults or teens.  But parents tend to view Disney fare as being more for kids or families, even though they appeal to people of all ages.  It appears that Bird views ‘Incredibles 2’ in the same vein as Disney’s ‘Star Wars’ and Marvel movies– safe for most kids but meant to be seen by a wider variety of people.

At any rate, ‘Incredibles 2′ isn’t as explicit as Warner Brothers’ DC animated films that are released straight-to-video.  Those movies feature more curse words and graphic violence, including deaths, but are sold in the kids’ movies section of Target and other retailers.

What do you think?  Is the parent justified in their criticism that ‘Incredibles 2’ should be a little cleaner for younger viewers?  Or do you think Bird is right, that this is simply a movie that happens to be animated?