The Russo Brothers  Spider-Man  Captain America: Civil War

When directors Anthony and Joe Russo found out that they would be able to introduce Spider-Man in ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ they were thrilled but they had a request on the outfit right off the bat. According to Marvel Studios’ Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, the directing duo wanted Tom Holland to suit up in a red-and-black suit. We all know that the introduction to The Wallcrawler into the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended up featuring a more classic red-and-blue design and likely went over better with fans of Spidey’s history.

The pair were able to get a look closer to what they wanted in ‘Avengers: Infinity War,’ and Meinerding shared how it came together in ‘Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War — The Art of the Movie’:

“Using the Iron Spider as reference from the comics, I was just trying to work in themes that I knew the Russo brothers would respond to. I know they had always wanted a red-and-black Spider-Man suit in Civil War, so I was trying to find a way to turn the Iron Spider from the comics into that.
The Iron Spider in the comics has gold, bulbous eyes, and I felt like I really wanted to hold on to the [John] Romita eyes that we established in the previous suit design. So taking that red-and-black theme, incorporating some gold and then trying to keep the same head design — specifically the eyes — was kind of why we landed where we did.”

One piece of concept art which has previously been revealed showed Parker in a suit much closer to what his clone Ben Reilly wore in the comics.

While I love the look for Spidey which Doctor Octopus created while impersonating Parker during the “Superior Spider-Man” run, I do feel that the red-and-blue really just fits better from having such an iconic look.

Are you glad that the Marvel Cinematic Universe ended up introducing the Spider-Man which we saw in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ or would you have preferred a look closer to what the Russo Brothers wanted from the “Superior Spider-Man” comic? Share your thoughts in the comments below, True Believers!

Source: Comic Book