While a reboot of the lovable cat-eating alien named ‘Alf‘ was in the works, your feline companions can all breathe a sigh of relief as the new show won’t be moving forward. Many fans of the original show may have loved another outing with an alien from Melmac, and even though reboots are apparently everywhere, it seems like Warner Bros. has potentially wised up to the fact that audiences are sick of them. Either that, or it is because no networks were interested in picking up the series.

The original ‘Alf’ ran from 1986-1990 and followed a Melmacian alien named Gordon Shumway who had crash-landed into the garage of the Tanner family. They ended up taking him in as his homeworld had been destroyed and worked on keeping him a secret from the Alien Task Force and the next door neighbors who suspected something was going on.

Although the series developed a pretty solid cult following over its 102-episode run, it didn’t help that the series ended with a cliffhanger. While there was enough support for ‘ALF’ to prompt a made-for-TV movie to wrap up the loose ends, the studio didn’t use the original cast to film it which disappointed many fans.

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Source: Comic Book