Did ‘Justice League’ bring a tear to your eye?  It did so for the film’s cinematographer.  (But maybe not in the same way.)  The majority of ‘Justice League’ was shot with Zack Snyder directing.  That movie began filming before ‘Batman V Superman’ opened, and ‘Batman V Superman’ was effin’ terrible.  And studio Warner Brothers got an earful from fans when that disaster opened.  It was too late to replace Snyder or to change course.  The studio tried by bringing in Joss Whedon, who’d directed the much more successful ‘Avengers’ to do reshoots and to edit the theatrical cut of the film, but it didn’t help.  ‘Justice League’ did worse at the box office than ‘Batman V Superman’ and even ‘Suicide Squad’.

Some fans (I’m not one) have been clamoring for a “Snyder cut” of ‘Justice League’, to see what the original director actually wanted to present.  Count cinematographer Fabian Wagner among them.  He handled cinematography of the film under Snyder, and he was devastated by the Whedon crafted version that ended up on the big screen.

When asked if he’d seen the theatrical version, Wagner replied:

“I have, unfortunately.  It’s really hard to say because I was watching it and I think I was crying all the way through. So it’s hard for me to say exactly how much was changed, but a lot was changed. It looked very different.

“It’s sad for me because I loved working with Zack; I had the best time of my life. There were many other things on that movie that made it so good apart from the fact that I was working with Zack and the whole gang. I met my wife on that job. There [were] a lot of other things. It was just a great shoot, and so it was a shame to see the film the way it turned out to be.”

Whether or not a “Snyder cut” actually exists is debatable.  Reportedly, Snyder was fired before editing began, but there are those close to the project that insist that Snyder had cut together a different version.  But ‘Justice League’ did so poorly at the box office and is so disliked, it’s hard to imagine Warner Brothers paying money to recut the film in Snyder’s vision for a home video release.  At present, there isn’t even a sequel in the works.

Would you still like to see the “Snyder cut?”

Source: Comic Book Movie