JK Rowling

Famed ‘Harry Potter’ author JK Rowling has been careful not to spoil anything from her developing film series, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,’ but even the most careful among us let a spoiler slip from time to time!

Rowling just might have revealed the next setting for the third installment of the franchise on Twitter. When a fan tweeted to ask about Rowling’s header image, she replied saying it was a photo of “Rio da Janeiro in the 1930s”.

In a separate response calling out her incorrect spelling of the city, she joked:

“Let’s just say I really ought to be able to spell Rio de Janeiro properly, given how many times I’ve written/typed it in the last few months.”

Check out the exchange below!


Rowling has been hard at work on the screenplay for the third ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie, so this could mean she has the film set in Rio!  That, or she’s planning one heck of a vacay!

‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ opens in theaters on November 16.

In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans of raising pure-blood wizards to rule over all non-magical
beings, Albus Dumbledore enlists his former student Newt Scamander, who agrees to help, unaware
of the dangers that lie ahead. Lines are drawn as love and loyalty are tested, even among the truest
friends and family, in an increasingly divided world.