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DC Universe has filled the role of ‘Swamp Thing’ times two.  As reported back in September, stunt performer Derek Mears will wear the practical suit and appear onscreen as the plant creature.  Now it has been announced that Andy Bean, who most recently starred on the one-season HBO series ‘Here and Now’ has been cast as the Swamp Thing’s human alter ego, Doctor Alec Holland.

Bean and Mears will star opposite Crystal Reed, who depicts the show’s female lead, Abby Arcane, who grew up in the small Louisiana swamp town of Houma (or Marais… it’s unclear, right now), where a mysterious ailment breaks out and seems to have stemmed from the swamp.  Now an investigator for the CDC, Abby must return to determine the cause of the outbreak and finds herself confronting bizarre, terrifying horrors that may be mystical in nature.

Bean’s Alec Holland is a scientist that aids Arcane in her investigation but finds himself transformed into the hulking plant elemental Swamp Thing.  “As the monster (Mears) struggles to hold onto his humanity, he must embrace what he has become in order to defend the town as well as the natural world at large.”

Bean will portray the human Holland and though it isn’t confirmed, will most likely voice the character after his transformation into the Swamp Thing.  This is similar to the approach taken with DC Universe’s ‘Doom Patrol’ series, on which Riley Shanahan will portray Robotman in person, in a practical suit, while Brendan Fraser will provide his voice, and appear in the flesh in flashbacks, and Matthew Zuk and Matt Bomer will do the same for the character of Negative Man.

Bean will also be seen next year on the big screen, portraying adult Stanley Uris in ‘It: Chapter Two’ and he also appeared on the series ‘Power’,  Mears is mainly a stunt performer, but appeared as Jason Voorhees in the 2009 reboot of ‘Friday the 13th’ and the classic Predator in ‘Predators’, plus burly appearances in projects like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides’, ‘Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters’, ‘Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’, ‘Twin Peaks’, ‘Midnight, Texas’, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, ‘The Flash’ and the upcoming ‘Alita: Battle Angel’.

‘Swamp Thing’s cast also includes Jennifer BealsVirginia MadsenWill PattonMaria Sten and Jeryl Prescott as DC mystic Madame Xanadu.  Patton portrays Avery Sunderland, a wealthy businessman whose philanthropic veneer hides a sinister side.  Madsen plays his trophy wife, Maria.  Beals portrays Lucilia Cable the sheriff of this small town and the mother of Matt Cable (uncast, so far), who was Abby’s high school boyfriend.  Sten plays Liz Tremayne, Abby’s best friend from childhood.

‘Swamp Thing’ is expected to premier on DC Universe in late May or early June of 2019.

Source: Deadline