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Hulu’s upcoming pilot for ‘Locke & Key‘ has just had a major infusion of talent as Frances O’Connor (‘The Conjuring 2′,’The Missing’) has joined the show! Joe Hill’s iconic comic is being brought to life by Carlton Cuse and IDW Entertainment with what could be the perfect casting choice for the leading lady. The show is currently set to be a one-hour horror and fantasy drama which just sounds better with each new piece of news we find out about it.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it was penned by Stephen King’s son Joe Hill and follows three siblings whose father was murdered. After this tragedy life goes off the rails as they move to their family home in Maine with their mother, Nina. After settling in, they learn that there are magical keys in the house which give them each different powers. Awesome, outside of the whole downside of dealing with a demon who wants the keys and will do anything to obtain them.

Word broke from producer David Ozer who stated:

“We are thrilled to have the multi-dimensional talents of Frances O’Connor to breathe color and life into this pivotal character in our series, and along with a stellar production team in place, we have no doubt that we will be able to bring Joe Hill’s creative vision to the small screen.”

Frances is set to portray Nina. In the series, Nina hasn’t had the best of lives and is an alcoholic. Her problems both help and hinder the rest of the Locke family through the series, While she is always one of the main characters, the siblings are the ones who take center stage.

Are you looking forward to ‘Locke & Key’ being released? Do you think that Frances O’Connor is an excellent casting choice for the series? Who else would you like to see on the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below!