With all of the flash-forwards on ‘Arrow’ this year, fans kind of suspected that eventually, we would get an episode that was comprised entirely of flash-forwards (i.e. set in the future), and ‘Arrow’ has kindly delivered on that premise.

Episode 716, titled ‘Star City: 2040’ will be set entirely in the future, and will feature Mia (Katherine McNamara), who we now know is the daughter of Felicity and possibly Oliver, and her half-brother William (Ben Lewis) teaming up for a mission into the glades, where of course they encounter Dinah, Roy and Rene’s daughter Zoe (Andrea Sixtos), so you know at that point things will have already started to go off the rails. According to what the network has released about the episode, it will reveal information, and potentially have some scenes showing “highlights of Mia’s childhood with Felicity,” which means we will finally see a future version of Felicity in the episode, though not the Felicity in 2040, but a slightly younger one from Mia’s childhood. However, I would not be surprised if this was the episode that ended with the reveal of Felicity meeting up with William and Mia in 2040, thus setting in motion whatever the big end-game plan is.

The episode was written by Season 7 show-runner Beth Schwartz and directed by stunt coordinator James Bamford, which to me translates to an episode with the potential to be full of mythology for the season and lots of cool action, as stuntmen who go into directing generally have a good eye for choreography and fight scenes, and try to push the envelope a bit. The title itself seems to be a nod to the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ episode ‘Star City: 2046’ which saw the Legends head to a similar future of Star City where they met up with the current Green Arrow Conner Hawke and an aging Oliver Queen, which may hint that the timeline the Legends visited may still be possible, and perhaps Conner will become the new Green Arrow, and maybe Oliver Queen is still alive somewhere in Star City of 2040.

What are your thoughts on this flash-forward episode? Have you been following the future story-line of ‘Arrow’ all that closely this season? Feel free to share your theories below!

Source: TVLine