While we were already introduced to Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry/Aquaman in ‘Batman v Superman’ and ‘Justice League,’ there still isn’t that much known about the backstory of the live-action take of the character. It sounds like that is going to change in the upcoming feature film as we won’t just see Aquaman going on an adventure to claim his birthright, but we’ll also find out more about how he came to be the hero he is. James Wan‘s cinematic take on the character is not necessarily getting a full origin, but there will be flashbacks of Curry in his youth before his Atlantian powers have fully kicked in.

The details came from production designer Bill Brzeski who was sharing them while showing off concept art for the upcoming movie.

Warning, the following two flashbacks are easily considered spoilers for scenes that will appear in the movie.

The first scene is going to be taking place in the Boston Aquarium where we see a 10-year old Arthur Curry visiting (we saw a glimpse of this in the trailer). As a child, he doesn’t have the physique which was first shown off in ‘Justice League,’ and he is pushed up against a giant aquarium by bullies. That doesn’t go over well with the sea life in the tank who recognize who and what Curry is as Brzeski shares:

“All of a sudden all the creatures in the aquarium… start banging on the glass, coming to rescue him, and he doesn’t even understand why. All the other kids freak out. So we’re in this aquarium. It’s beautiful. All of a sudden, all these animals are banging on the glass. Sharks are trying to get him and get the other kids. Everybody freaks out. So that’s one flashback.”

That is probably going to be unsettling for not just the bullies but a young Curry as well who doesn’t understand what is happening.

The next moment which is revealed has Curry as a teenager. Here he swims down to a shipwreck on the ocean floor and ends up hitting his head to avoid an eel that he stumbles across. This knocks him unconscious which is when his powers are able to kick in for the first time:

“It looks like he’s dead, and then he comes back to life, and he goes, ‘What the … I’m alive?’ He gets this water in his lungs, and all of a sudden his eyes change color… What happens is his body reacts positively to being underwater, because he’s got Atlantean blood in him, and he can swim down there, and he can do stuff. And he doesn’t drown. It’s a very traumatic scene. It’s like a real scene where somebody drowns. We’re shooting it actually underwater in a tank here, and he survives. He gets home, and said, ‘Dad, what’s going on? Come on.’ So then the father starts to tell him a little bit about who he is, and they find a [quindent] in the house.”

This sounds like it’ll be an interesting take as it’ll first appear as if the young actor who is portraying the character would have died.

Are you eager to see more of how Arthur Curry came to know he was ‘Aquaman’? What other flashbacks do you hope could make it into the film? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Aquaman’ will ride the waves into your local theaters on December 21st, 2018!

Source: Cinemablend