Adi Shankar Legend Of Zelda

A new rumor on the block is that a ‘Legend of Zelda’ series is currently in the works, and it is looking as if Adi Shankar might be the one to produce it. The buzz is that Shankar is in negotiations to tackle the project, though Nintendo is declining to comment on the rumor as they are prone to do. However, the producer did reveal that his next project will also be a video game adaptation and that it is for “an iconic Japanese gaming company.”

That doesn’t confirm that he’ll be helming ‘Legend of Zelda’ but it does seem like it could be a good fit. Here is what the producer shared on Instagram:


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The success of Castlevania created this opportunity.

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Currently, there are no details as to what direction this adaptation would take. While Shankar has had success with animation for Netflix with ‘Castlevania,’ it isn’t the only medium that the producer has worked in so we could feasibly see it go any direction. One thing to factor in, though, is the poorly received ‘Super Mario Bros’ movie that we all still cringe just thinking about. Nintendo hasn’t wanted to make another live-action film since that time, and it could be the big indicator that they’ll be pushing for another direction.

There have been some great plots in most of the ‘Zelda’ games over the years, though ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is still fresh in everyone’s mind after such a triumphant 2017 release and could easily lend itself to being translated into an ongoing story.

Do you think that Adi Shankar is going to be bringing a Zelda themed series to life? Would you want to see this end up being live-action or animated? Which video game would you want to see this series primarily based on? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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