Here we are yet again with an all-new Toy News Tuesday! We’re the one weekly column right here on where we seek out all of the awesome news you need to know about any announcements and cool happenings in the toy industry and put them all in one easy to find place for you! This week we’re celebrating Halloween with some spooky new collectibles from some of our favorite companies (and quite a few not so spooky collectibles from some of our other favorite companies)! We’ve got some horrifying new goodies from NECA, plus lots of comic con reveals from the team at Hasbro, McFarlane’s first ‘Fortnite’ figures, and more! There’s a spooktacular amount of new items to see in the Toy News for the week of October 30th, 2018!

Walgreens Salvages The ‘Lost Wave’ Of Marvel Minimates

Back when ToysRUs closed down earlier this year, collectors were devastated. Not just by the loss of the stores themselves, but of the many toy lines or collectors series that ToysRUs had almost exclusively carried and supported throughout the years. Many of those lines came to a final close, while others were lucky enough to find salvation in the arms of another retailer. Thankfully, it looks like one last wave of ToysRUs exclusives has found a new home after months of collectors fearing the wave’s cancellation. This week the team at Diamond Select Toys has announced that Walgreens will be carrying the ‘Lost Wave’ of previously ToysRus exclusive Marvel Minimates, which includes several never before made characters like The Spot, Madame Masque, Iron Spider, Holographic Ironman, and ‘Marvel Now’ versions of Cyclops and Rogue! The wave is available exclusively at Walgreens’ website! These will be available online only, so be sure to order them soon or risk missing out on this limited wave forever!


Hasbro Reveals New Marvel Legends All Over Europe!

This weekend Europe saw massive geek gatherings in a number of major cities with both Paris Comic Con and London Comic Con taking place! The team from Hasbro apparently decided to hit both of them and make some major new reveals for their fan favorite 6″ scale ‘Marvel Legends’ toyline!

Between both conventions, Hasbro revealed  a half dozen new figures that were all based on their comic book counterparts rather than their live action adaptation versions that have been saturating the shelves this year. Coming in next year’s Marvel Legends waves are comic book versions of Loki, Genis-Vell, The Grey Gargoyle, Beast, Citizen V, and Union Jack! It hasn’t yet been announced which waves most of these will be released in, although it’s a safe bet that Genis-Vell will be released alongside the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie figures, and Beast is set to release in the wave for the previously announced ‘Caliban’ build-a-figure. Official images have already been released by Hasbro, which you can check out below!



Grey Gargoyle


Citizen V

Union Jack

This Week, From Some Comic Cons Far, Far, Away…

STAR WARS! Much like with their recent Marvel announcements, the team at Hasbro had some new reveals for both of their main ‘Star Wars’ lines at Paris Comic Con and London Comic Con respectively. Each of the two conventions held a few reveals, but they’re all great news for ‘Star Wars’ fans!

For the ‘Star Wars: Black Series’ 6″ line of figures, fans can finally look forward to some more prequel trilogy figures! Coming our way next year is Padme Amidala (‘Attack Of The Clones’ version) and a Separatist Battle Droid!

Padme Amidala

Battle Droid

In addition to these two joining the line, Hasbro also announced the rerelease of several earlier figures in the toyline as a part of their ‘Archive Collection’, which gives fans a chance to add some figures to their collections that have been long out of production and have gone up considerably in value on the secondary market! Figures coming soon to the ‘Archive Collection’ include Anakin Skywalker (‘Revenge Of The Sith’), Yoda (‘The Empire Strikes Back’), and a Scout Trooper (‘Return Of The Jedi’, previously packaged with a Speeder Bike).

Anakin Skywalker


Scout Trooper

Finally, in their smaller scaled ‘3.75″ ‘Star Wars: The Vintage Collection’ line, fans can look forward to new versions of R2-D2 (‘The Empire Strikes Back’) and Chewbacca (‘A New Hope’)!