Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them

Since trailers and TV spots have started to trickle out for ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, we’ve slowly started learning about Newt Scamander’s adventures through the wizarding world during the 1920s. Fans can expect to follow along with J.K. Rowling’s latest wizard protagonist as he recovers a number of magical creatures that have escaped out into the world. However, we haven’t discovered much about the magizoologist himself just yet. But that slightly changed recently when the Oscar-winning star behind the character dropped some very vague details about Scamander’s past.

As Potterheads know from the “textbook” that inspired the film, Newt Scamander went on to marry Porpentina Goldstein, who will be played by Katherine Waterston in the upcoming cinematic adaptation. Although, we’re not sure if they’ll find themselves together by the end of David Yates’ movie. So when asked about whether we’ll see some romance in ‘Fantastic Beasts’ in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eddie Redmayne opened up slightly about the mysterious backstory surrounding the hero of this fall’s ‘Harry Potter’ spinoff/prequel that involves Scamander being a bit of a loner:

“Newt’s been damaged by human beings, and at the beginning of the film, he’s someone that’s pretty content in his own company and the company of the beasts. He enjoys his solitude, and he’s also spent a year out in the field. So he really hasn’t had to deal with people. And when he arrives in New York, there are more people than he’s ever imagined.”

If this is where he is at the beginning of the movie, chances are that we’ll see him open up gradually to people. After all, we’ve already seen that Redmayne’s character has a rapport with Dan Fogler’s Jacob Kowalski. But will this film take us all the way up to the point of courtship between Newt and Tina? It’s certainly possible, but WB has to save something for the sequel that has already been placed on the schedule, right? We’ll find out what the deal is this fall, but until then, let us know what you think about Newt’s past in the comment section.

‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ starring Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Alison Sudol, Ezra Miller, David Chester, Samantha Morton, Carmen Ejogo, Jon Voight, Ron Perlman, and Colin Farrell breaks out of it’s cage on November 18, 2016.

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