Legends Of Tomorrow

The “Little CW Superhero Show That Could,” may not be chugging along much longer.  Last week’s ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Season 4 premiere earned a 0.3 Nielsen rating, meaning that just over one million people watched it, down from 1.4 million for Season 3’s finale and 1.5 million for the Season 3 average.  This is the lowest that ratings for this series have ever been.  ‘Legends’ has typically been the lowest rated of the various DC Comics shows on The CW, but its rating tended to remain steady, rather than fluctuate the way other shows’ have.  ‘Arrow’, incidentally, serves as ‘Legends” lead-in and its ratings were also down, though not as sharply.

This dip comes even as critics have embraced ‘Legends’ as the most daring DC show that isn’t afraid to get totally nuts.  The writers and actors appear to be having a ball and that shows in the madcap vibe, which deviates from the dour tone of ‘Arrow’ and even ‘The Flash’, these days.

But The CW has announced that it is looking to add series starring Ruby Rose as ‘Batwoman’ and Tyler Hoechlin as ‘Superman’.  With the addition of ‘Black Lightning’ earlier this year, ‘Legends’ was forced to share a time slot with ‘Supergirl’.  Should these two new shows get series orders, it’s more likely that The CW will start cutting to make room.

At this point, based strictly on ratings, ‘Legends’ would likely be the first to go.  A second cut would either likely be ‘Arrow’ or ‘Supergirl’.  ‘Arrow’ has lagged ever since the other superhero shows have arrived, due to its dark tone.  But does The CW really have room for both a ‘Supergirl’ and ‘Superman’ series?  And both ‘Arrow’ and ‘Supergirl’ have suffered a bit lately due to dragging, meandering storylines.

But nothing is set in stone.  The CW may not move forward with any new DC shows.  Or it could move forward with other new pilots and cut some DC shows to make room and diversify its lineup.

Are you still a fan of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’?  Do you want to see it carry on?

Source: TV Line