Cassandra Cain Debuts In The New Young Justice: Oustiders Trailer

We already knew a few of the new faces that would be showing up on ‘Young Justice: Outsiders’, the third season of this once cancelled series, which is premiering on DC Nation on January 4.  The newest trailer includes a character that had not been revealed in the past, Cassandra Cain, who can be seen above on the far right.  It’s not clear what identity she will be employing.  She has been known as Batgirl, the Black Bat and Orphan.

She is posed alongside other new additions, Arrowette and Spoiler, as well as Tim Drake’s Robin, who joined the story in the second season.  It also appears that Cassandra’s mother, Lady Shiva will appear in upcoming episodes.

Other new faces that can be seen in the trailer include the insect-like Forager, and three of the ‘Outsiders’ from the show’s new subtitle, Halo, Geo-Force and Katana.  Justice League member Black Lightning is also shown. Because he was a founding member of the ‘Outsiders’ in the comics, it looks as though his presence on ‘Young Justice’ has been boosted for this story.

View the trailer below, courtesy of Young Justice Wiki:

Other newcomers for this season are 13 (known in the comics as Traci Thirteen), Batwoman, Hardware, Ice, and Metamorpho.  As for existing characters, Kaldur’ahm has been promoted from Aqualad to Aquaman, while Barbara Gordon is now Oracle, not Batgirl.  It remains to be seen how the show will address this change.  (In the comics, she was paralyzed by The Joker.)  Bart Allen has ditched the Impulse role for that of Kid Flash.  Beast Boy has a new purple costume and Deathstroke will no longer sport his long ponytail, a design choice that fans weren’t terribly fond of.

Seasons One and Two of ‘Young Justice’ are now available to stream on DC Universe.  Season Three will be available on January 4.