If you’ve been gearing up for the “Elseworlds” crossover to hit The Arrowverse and want to see more hints of what is to come – you’re in luck! Today we’ve got a slew of shots and video from the upcoming epic crossover that is set to introduce us to Batwoman, Lois Lane, and so much more of the DC universe! While much of the new material isn’t being included here, we will see some new outfits and more in these shots.

First up, if you’ve been wanting to see Superman rocking his black outfit, we’ve got a couple of shots of Tyler Hoechlin doing just that for you! This isn’t our first shot of the Man of Steel adorned in this outfit for the event, but it still isn’t clear if this will be worn after his rebirth or if we’re getting an alternate take on the character as he hangs out in Surrey Central.

It isn’t just Superman who is getting a change of costume in the upcoming crossover as we know that Grant Gustin will be sporting the outfit of Green Arrow instead of what he’d usually be wearing on ‘The Flash,’ and now we’ve got another look at that! This gets the benefit of having some images and videos showing off stuntwork as well.

We also know that John Wesley Shipp who played The Flash in the 90’s episode is making an appearance on this crossover as well. So far it has been unclear how he would be involved, but interestingly enough Stephen Amell shared a shot of the actor on set – sporting the outfit he wore on the 90’s show! As this does involve The Multiverse, does that confirm the 90’s series was canon and is out there somewhere still kicking? It sure seems to hint at that.


Finding this costume after all this time seems like a bit of a stretch just to troll audiences in advance and I suspect that we’ll be getting an even more massive crossover than anyone could have expected.

Are you thrilled at the latest shots from the upcoming Arrowverse “Elseworlds” crossover? Which image or video is your favorite? What do you make of the inclusion 90’s era Flash in the last shot? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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