It couldn’t have been a better promotion for the NBC freshman series ‘Revolution.’ During the 34 minute power outage during the Super Bowl, many people headed to Twitter to voice their annoyance regarding the disruption of the game. While some jokingly tweeted about conspiracy theories, the people behind ‘Revolution’ jumped on the blackout theme to promote their show.

‘Revolution’ is set 15 years in the future after the sudden disappearance of electricity in the world causing a global blackout. After the lights went out in the Mercedes Benz Super Dome, Twitter was alive with references to the show.

@NBCRevolution tweeted this appropriate message:

Afterwards, they tweeted this photo:

Greg Grunberg (‘Heroes’) blamed the blackout on J.J. Abrams while Tina Charles of pointed to Eric Kripke:


Other tweets also alluded to the series:




While the blackout was an embarrassment to CBS and the Super Bowl, it provided a great way for NBC to promote their show without having to pay $3.8million for a 30 sec spot.

Considering the series is currently on a 4 month hiatus, this inadvertent tie-in to the show can only benefit NBC. How much? Only time will tell when the series returns on March 25th.